Art (I)rrelevance Symposium: Academics, Collectors, Funders and Artists Talk Data, AI and Arts

The inaugural 'AI and art futures symposium' (12 September 2019) explored the interplay of art market futures, art and data, and the role of the tangible and intangible artefact. Organised by UCL (Jo Townshend, UCL Enterprise and Innovation) and hosted by Barbican, the symposium considered the following topics: How the democratisation of art is shaping art [...]

The Fall of Kids Company: The Reserves Quandary

Each new article and TV report about the abrupt closure of Kids Company reveals an increasingly complex set of reasons behind the charity’s demise.  However, I want to address one of the first explanations cited for its shut down: lack of free reserves.  Journalists have pointed to Kids Company’s dramatic increase in grants and donations [...]