The Best of Art Basel 2018

Mind you,  I only had one day to look around.  Here's what caught my eye: (1) Joey Yaque, (2) Ai Weiwei, (3) Robert Longo, (4) Thomas Saraceno, (5) Michael Rakowitz, (6) Sanford Biggers, (7) Olfur Eliasson, (8) Tony Oursler, (9) Robert Longo, (10) Titus Kasher, (11) Rathin Barman, (12) Oliver Lanc.

A First Look at the Berlin Biennale 2018

I visited the two main sites of the Berlin Biennale 10 this weekend: KW Institute of Contemporary Art and Academie der Kunst. The first artist I encountered was Firelei Baez and her work does not disappoint: she overlays historic maps, architectural drawing and statistical charts with vibrant images which uncover issues of colonialism, forced migration, and [...]

Continuing the Conversation: Statues, Monuments and Difficult Histories

The following commentary originally appeared in ICOM UK weekly news The tragic events of Charlottesville, instigated by the planned removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, highlights the important role we as museums and heritage professionals play in preserving, interpreting and displaying public history. Myself and Edmund Connolly, Head of Communications for [...]

Diversity in the Arts: Why Numbers Count

The fact that the only candidate rejected for the Channel 4 board was a black woman (the other four candidates were white men) has sparked outrage across the cultural sector. A number of high profile cultural sector leaders including Bonnie Greer, Tessa Jowell and Liz Forgan signed a letter requesting an explanation for the decision. [...]