Art (I)rrelevance Symposium: Academics, Collectors, Funders and Artists Talk Data, AI and Arts

The inaugural 'AI and art futures symposium' (12 September 2019) explored the interplay of art market futures, art and data, and the role of the tangible and intangible artefact. Organised by UCL (Jo Townshend, UCL Enterprise and Innovation) and hosted by Barbican, the symposium considered the following topics: How the democratisation of art is shaping art [...]

Alternate Realities Summit 2019: Incomputable Sensibilities

I was delighted to chair a session at Sheffield Doc Fest's Alternative Realities Summit with three talented female filmmakers who are using 360 Video to make work the articulates the experience of people from different backgrounds. In Converging Sensibilities: Considering Creative Practice, I spoke to Sadah Espii Proctor, Maria Belen Poncio, Nyasha Kadandara. Proctor is the director of [...]