30 November: Why Do We Fail Digitally at the Munch Museum

I am pleased to be speaking at the Munch Museum’s international seminar on 30 November 2018.  The goal of this seminar is to address challenges and develop solutions which enable cultural institutions to thrive and compete in the digital world.

The seminar will give me the chance to talk to other cultural sector professionals about issues such as:

  • Which new forms of production, partnership and funding and which internal structures are needed to successfully employ digital technology to mediate cultural content?
  • Which competencies and fields of expertise are required to commission products in cooperation with external digital experts such as tech companies, designers or digital artists?
  • How can digital technology contribute to helping cultural institutions becoming more relevant actors within their local and global communities?
  • How can technologies like AI, AR, VR and video game design change, enrich and intensify the experience of cultural heritage objects? How must digitized content be mediated and curated in order to reach out to larger audiences and potential new target groups; and what happens to the analogue original when being digitally reproduced?

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