How to get your daily dose of culture via INSTAGRAM

Waiting for the Tube?  Sitting in the doctor’s office? Having a drink by yourself because your friends is running late?  You could catch up on work emails or read the latest headlines on Buzzfeed.  However, you could also get your daily dose of culture through Instagram.  Here are some fun, quirky and thought-provoking accounts I follow:

@sammyslabbinck. Sammy is an Instagram artist.  His artworks are typically a collage of images that juxtapose time and space to say something interesting about the way we live.

@abstractsunday.  This is the Instagram account of Christoph Neimann, a graphic artist and illustrator.  His work has appeared in The New Yorker, Time, Wired, and The New York Times Magazine.  There is great variety in what he posts.  My favourites are the news-related cartoons.  Here’s one on the issue of deleting Facebook profiles of deceased family members.

@nypl. I love the New York Public Library’s account.  In the series called #bookfacefriday, the staff create great images of themselves dressed as characters on book covers. See this one of Johnny Cash’s biography.

@simondepury.  Auctioneer and art dealer Simon de Pury (or whoever runs his Instagram account) always presents high quality images of great works of contemporary art.  It’s not all business, there’s a sense of humour to the postings.  See this piece featuring Donald Trump.

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#trumpcard #joker #calvinklein #streetart

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@aiww. Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei is currently focusing his creative work on the immigration crisis.  His latest installation in Berlin uses 14,000 life jackets of refugees who have come to Europe from the Middle East.  His Instagram account features photographs of refugees in different settings, exposing the struggles they face on a daily basis.

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#Idomeni #refugees

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@brooklynmuseum. The Brooklyn Museum in New York looks like a fun place to visit.  Not only does the Museum hold a great collection of ancient, European, modern and contemporary art, it animates its display spaces with music, dance and theatre which is captured brilliantly on its Instagram account.  I like this Michael Cummmings’ piece about Barack Obama.

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