The House of Illustration: Kings Cross Cultural Renaissance Continues

I was invited to the Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture (MODA)’s launch party for its new book Charles Hasler Sends His Greetings and at the same time I was introduced to a new arts venue in Kings Cross: The House of Illustration.
Located next to Central Saint Martins, in the same building as the Art Fund and in front of a gigantic Waitrose, this small gallery features illustration in all its forms – advertising, books, animations, etc.  I was able to catch the gallery’s summer exhibition of Ladybird publications ‘How it Works’ books that took me back to my childhood. Look at this book covers:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If Ladybird were to publish this series today, it would only need to publish one book: The SmartPhone.

In another space, the Gallery featured children’s books illustrators.  What was more interesting than the art work itself was the variety of different processes used to create the illustrations – some use digital illustrations tools others use water paints.

The House of Illustration is not just about exhibiting illustration, it is about sharing the practice of illustration. To that end, the gallery hosts a range of illustration workshops for adults, children and families.

The Kings Cross area just keeps getting better and better, with Kings Place arts hub, Guardian masterclasses for writers, Central Saint Martin’s student exhibitions and theatre spaces, and the Gogosian galleries not too far away.  The area is quickly becoming the go-to place for cultural consumption and culture making.

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